Marco Island Rock Installation & Delivery


Concrete work, Driveways, Sidewalk, Pathways, Patios

We offer full concrete driveways on new or existing driveways. Let our team make sure your driveway looks good. One requirement on newer homes is to make your elevation is accurate to your homeland. Patios are always nice to have especially when your have visitors over. Think about how nice and efficient it could be to not worry about sand being brought back to the house? Let us create and improve your yards appearance.

Demolition and Forming

Needing your sidewalk or driveway redone over existing concrete, our team will remove current layer, clean, and prep the area.

Concrete Pouring

Concrete is poured to determined thickness, leveling, molded, and cured onsite. We can do any footing, concrete retainer walls, planters, call us for a free estimate.

Concrete Finish

We offer a variety of finishes.

Driveways and Sidewalk Repairs

Pelican Rock has the ability to do any repairs like cracks or fills needed on any concrete work. Our team has the knowledge and experience to restore anything up to your standards. Call us with any questions or a free estimate.


We make sure we clean everything up like there is no work done. We take pride as if it was our own home.

Concrete Driveway